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The Notes that Make it All Worthwhile

A very special email arrived this morning.  It so took Debbie’s day to a new high that she read it to the office staff in their weekly meeting the next morning — it doesn’t hurt to get these wonderful reminders of why we do what we do!

The subject was “It’s our Anniversary.” It read:

I just wanted to THANK YOU all at Gatherings again for such an amazing wedding experience! From the start to the actual day it was stress-free and accurate, Debbie even went above and beyond on some things, the venue for the reception was just STUNNING! Gatherings is and was the best place for a reception and wedding. Our guests still talk about it 2 years later!

Kristi went on to say:

Married life is fabulous! We’ve been together for 11 years and now married for 2 years. We blew up some of the pictures from our wedding and put them on canvas in our home so we can remember that day, everyday!  We have been to other weddings and nothing we’ve ever been to compared to your location. Seriously! You all have it down so perfectly! You’ve created such a unique place to have such a special day. Beats a stark white banquet hall any day!

Thank you Kristi & Brett; it was all our pleasure!

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