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Caring Staff is the Real Strength behind Events by Classic — Part 3

Head Chef Enrique Javier
The “all-purpose” (and very true) title we created for bragging on our wonderful staff has a very significant word in it when it comes to the back of the house staff – “behind.” Most back of house staff (known as “BOH” in the industry) are “behind” the scenes and don’t receive the glam & appreciation from the Read more

Woods Hole Pebble Beach Wedding Venue


Our Classic Catering team has been creating delicious and memorable events at Woods Hole since 2009; so we thought what better way to celebrate our 5th year with Woods Hole than to share with you a few of our favorite events there, which all happened to be weddings.  Don’t you just love weddings!?! Read more

La Mirada Monterey Museum of Art — Offers Diversity for Your Event

Monterey Museum of Art - La MiradaThe Monterey area offers beautiful venues of many different styles.  One of our favorites that Classic Catering is a Preferred Caterer for is The Monterey Museum of Art – La Mirada.  Being one part historic home, one part gardens, and one part art gallery . . . the diversity Read more

Caring Staff is the Real Strength behind Events by Classic — Chapter 2

Without our fabulous staff, Events by Classic would not be the energized and well-respected company it is, so it seemed fitting that the first post of the new year introduces you to another of our key “saviors” . . . Mary Lisa! Read more

A Fabulous Fundraiser to Support the Hope Center of Monterey

Events by Classic was proud to have the opportunity to participate in the Hope Center’s 1st Annual Fundraiser. While the menu prepared and served by Classic Catering was, of course, yummy, the main attraction of the evening was the live auction, which was delightfully MC’d by Jon Belmont . Our staff had as much fun watching the guests out bid each other as they evidently did. Between the silent auction, live Read more

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun — Too!

It is evident by the fabulous photos Mike Danen just shared with us that when Sasha and Mike got engaged, Mike enjoyed being an integral part of the planning. From the cigar bar to the classic car, and the garter-wrapped Bud Light, you can see a guy’s Read more

Family & Friends Make the Wedding

Weddings are meant to be shared with our family and friends, and Classic Catering enjoyed being a part of Orit & Jake’s special wedding that focused on family tradition. They had several generations in attendance and family members even helped create the dessert bar of amazing selections that you see in one of the pictures below. Their use of greens, ecru and browns blended perfectly with the beautiful mountaintop setting above Pt. Lobos. Mirroring an old world tradition of breaking Read more

Does the Food Really Matter?

With so many items on the list vying for attention when planning an event, from decorations to venue choice, entertainment, invitations, and DJs, just to name a few, in the big scheme of things is how good the food will taste really that important? Read more

Beverage Options Made Easier

The Perry House private labeled Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon & ChampagneEvents by Classic is pleased to announce that we now have a liquor license.  Now, instead of you having to handle everything about your alcoholic beverages such as the pick-up, delivery and re-load of any leftovers, not to mention the fact of worrying about running short or over buying, life just got easier!  For Perry House events, you can now purchase directly from Events by Classic and only pay for what you consume.  As an added plus, you Read more

9 Weddings in 9 Days

Robert Ellis Photography portrays a Heavenly Wedding at The Perry House
7 Brides for 7 Brothers was a catchier title, and a super fun musical by the way, but this is reality! We are so excited to be a part of so many wonderful couples’ celebration of the biggest day in the beginning of their life together. We’re also excited about the diversity of the wedding receptions that we will be working at in the next 9 days; from our own venues at The Perry House and Gatherings, to some Read more