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A Private Residence Wedding Radiates Romance

We were so excited when we found out that our clients’ second daughter was going to have her wedding reception at their beautiful Carmel Valley home. Having been the caterer for their first daughter, we knew this would be a spectacular evening. Read more

Even Natural Beauties Appreciate a Little Sprucing


One of the appeals our clients have to The Perry House is that so much natural beauty abounds the property, from the house itself to the views, gardens, and its rich history, that they don’t feel a need to add much more (which of course helps the pocketbook). But a little “extra” help of just the right touches never hurts, Read more

A Match Made . . . in a Bar

AP_Wed_0815Having met at a bar where Alixandra was bartending, the signature cocktails were an important part of Alixandra & Paul’s wedding! Even for dessert, Godiva Chocolate Martinis were passed to their guests, and to send everyone off safely, Read more

So Many Fun Details for this Perry House Couple

Such a beautiful couple, Brendan & Lauren’s day was full of their love of God, life, and fun! They created great display signs including their “love story,” signage for their champagne bar, and even a no cell phones please sign. It was important to Read more

Have Fun with the Details, Make Your Wedding Day Your Own

Lorna & Chris were probably our most creative couple of 2012, and not one bit afraid of making sure their special day represented them! From their idea of combining their fish into one bowl instead of the typical sand ceremony, to the florals that weren’t flowers, and the dress that wasn’t white, I would say they truly Read more

Iron Chef Team-Building at The Perry House

The Perry House is opening its doors to let other chefs in; well, chefs in training anyway (our Executive Chef Dean isn’t giving it up yet)! But what fun was it to have an “Iron Chef” style team-building event right here in our humble kitchen abode, and the upcoming Food Network stars were Google employees no-less! Read more

Talented Chefs Create Dishes with California Grown Strawberries

The Perry House was recently the location for a culinary workshop for select restaurant chain corporate chefs and menu developers put on by the California Strawberry Commission together with Culinex to expose national chefs from chain restaurants to delicious and creative ways to use strawberries. The weekend workshop included two events at The Perry House. Read more

Family & Friends Make the Wedding

Weddings are meant to be shared with our family and friends, and Classic Catering enjoyed being a part of Orit & Jake’s special wedding that focused on family tradition. They had several generations in attendance and family members even helped create the dessert bar of amazing selections that you see in one of the pictures below. Their use of greens, ecru and browns blended perfectly with the beautiful mountaintop setting above Pt. Lobos. Mirroring an old world tradition of breaking Read more

You Don’t Need a Martini to Enjoy an Olive!

Laura & Casey were married at the beautiful Holman Ranch in Carmel Valley, for which Classic Catering is blessed to be a Preferred Caterer. They were “hands on,” and had many great ideas for their wedding food.  One of our favorites was the Olive Bar, which we were happy to create especially for them.  In their review of our Read more

A Ceremony Gone “Fun”

Okay, this is not a typical blog for us, but we also want to be about sharing fun and different ideas for your special events, and this wedding ceremony video will certainly do that. It’s probably an idea you hadn’t even thought of. Maybe you’ll think it’s not proper or wonder how they could “treat” this important day like this; but sometimes, not always of course, but sometimes something out of the ordinary and non-traditional is just the way to start a new life together. And notice from the faces and laughter of the guests, they loved it — which is what happens when you do something people aren’t expecting. Watch it and enjoy and consider… would you maybe want to step back from the pomp and circumstance of it all, embrace the moment and see what it feels like to do something out of the ordinary? Food for thought… or at least for FUN!