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Caring Staff is the Real Strength behind Events by Classic — Chapter 2

Without our fabulous staff, Events by Classic would not be the energized and well-respected company it is, so it seemed fitting that the first post of the new year introduces you to another of our key “saviors” . . . Mary Lisa! Read more

Caring Staff is the Real Strength behind Events by Classic

They say “it takes a village,” and at Events by Classic we know this to be true!  Classic Catering, The Perry House and Gatherings would not be the first class catering company and venues they are if it weren’t for our talented, committed and enthusiastic team, so we thought it was high time we start introducing our Events by Classic “family” to you.

This month we are thrilled to introduce Isabel “Izzy” Nakamura. Read more

Does the Food Really Matter?

With so many items on the list vying for attention when planning an event, from decorations to venue choice, entertainment, invitations, and DJs, just to name a few, in the big scheme of things is how good the food will taste really that important? Read more

Wedding MBA Seminar & Kathy Ireland Weddings

We were there!  While the Wedding Merchant Business Association (MBA) conference is geared more toward “running your business” than about the latest wedding trends in color and fashion, we felt this seminar offered invaluable ideas and tips on how to be the best we can be for our wedding clients. Among many great speakers, one of the highlights for news on the Wedding Industry was given by Kathy Ireland. I’m sure Read more

The Perry House — Renovated

The Perry House as "she" likes it  -- having a party

She’s done! Okay, we still keep finding things to add or change to make the experience at The Perry House the best it can be — but she’s done! Being an older (like way older — 1860) building, there was certainly much more to do than we originally thought we were taking on. I know, being veteran renovators we should have known, but one can hope! So, this blog is just about sharing some of the before and after pictures with you and we hope you enjoy the transition as much as we do.

Read more

Events by Classic’s First Post

Watch the chefs prepare meals at Gatherings through our viewing window

Welcome to our new blog! So much to write about, so little time — literally! In the fast paced industry we work and live in, creating this blog has continually fell to the bottom of the list. Well, not today! I’ve superglued the “to-do” to my brain and it’s not going to release itself freeing up space to do other things until I get this rolling.

Read more