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Local “Beauty Business” Owners Create a Winter Wonderland at The Perry House

Cherie&Pete_MontereyWeddingVenue (32)
How fun is it when one of your own preferred vendors chooses to get married at your venue? Well, it’s even more fun when you find out that her fiancé is also a local entrepreneur and “her” dad lives across the street from you. Sorry for the cliché, but it is such a small world! Local make-up artist, Cherie, and her very cool hair salon owner fiancé, Pete, were such a kick to work with; they even brought their hair dryers as photo props, and with the help of Floral Designs by Reina, they staged a beautiful January winter wonderland under the arbor.

We loved Cherie’s story of how Pete popped the question: Paraphrased… We were in Yountville for my birthday. Pete had a bottle of champagne for birthday Mimosas and was carrying it in a bag; we bought orange juice and pastries and walked to a beautiful rose covered park and sat down on a bench. I started to pour the orange juice in glasses and was thinking I should have heard champagne popped by now, beings how Pete always has the alcohol under control, but little did I know the bottle was engraved “Will you marry me?” I said, “What the heck, open the champagne, and he took it out of the bag and stuck it in my face and said you open it!” I read the bottle twice and screamed, Oh, my God, No! I mean Yes! I was so thrown off, and then he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring, and again, I said,” Oh, my God, No! I mean Yes!” Now Pete is convinced when women say no, they really mean yes!

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ClassicCatering_Monterey_CaterersCherie&Pete_MontereyWeddingVenue (12)

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Cherie, we hope you aren’t continuing to confuse Pete, and that your first 8 months of marriage has been totally blessed! Thank you for letting us be a part of this special memory!

As always, it takes a fabulous crew to bring it all together, and we want to thank the following vendors for all they did for Cherie & Pete’s Winter Wonderland Wedding.
Wedding Coordinator : Amy Byrd Weddings
Photographer: Kim Lemaire of Ensemble Productions (Thank you for the fabulous photos!)
Floral & Design: Floral Designs by Reina
Videographer: Tyler of Semperviren Pictures – Check out Cherie & Pete’s awesome video!
Minister: Pastor Norm, Church of the Wayfarer
DJ: Jon Belmont Entertainment
Bakery: Room for Dessert
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