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Intimate Weddings are First Class at Gatherings

Intimate Wedding Venue in Monterey California (4)
You don’t need a big guest list or a big budget to have a magically memory-filled wedding. Actually, it’s often our couples who had smaller more intimate weddings that later tell us their day was made up of the best memories. Read more

Woods Hole Pebble Beach Wedding Venue


Our Classic Catering team has been creating delicious and memorable events at Woods Hole since 2009; so we thought what better way to celebrate our 5th year with Woods Hole than to share with you a few of our favorite events there, which all happened to be weddings.  Don’t you just love weddings!?! Read more

The Perry House Strolling Reception Experience

The Perry House Oak Tree Staircase
Jessica & Robert got it!! They could see the vision of having a strolling reception as opposed to a typical formal sit down or buffet. They liked the idea so much that they opted to add a third Experience Station. As Jessica said in her review: Read more