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A Classic Express “All Gone” Rehearsal Dinner

Who says you have to have a full-service catered event to get great food! Not Tracy! Tracy called us wanting a delicious “no fuss” meal for the rehearsal dinner of her son and daughter-in-law to be, Ron & Dana. They were staying at the lovely Woods Hole home on the 10th Fairway at Pebble Beach and her son was to be married the next day at the Lodge of Pebble Beach. Following is the email we received from Tracy:

Can’t say enough about how everyone enjoyed your amazing Read more

Fall Colors Look Beautiful on a Plate

Don’t you just love the colors of fall? During the months of October and November, I look to beautiful oranges, browns and teals — for everything, clothes, decor and food!  So, when planning our fall dishes, whether for a quiet family meal or a beautiful fall wedding, we want to incorporate the wonderful rich colors of the season. The fall brings the beginning of our changing gears a bit and starting to think “Ah, it’s cozy family dinner season!” (you can’t be a caterer and not keep up with what the Food Read more

A Ceremony Gone “Fun”

Okay, this is not a typical blog for us, but we also want to be about sharing fun and different ideas for your special events, and this wedding ceremony video will certainly do that. It’s probably an idea you hadn’t even thought of. Maybe you’ll think it’s not proper or wonder how they could “treat” this important day like this; but sometimes, not always of course, but sometimes something out of the ordinary and non-traditional is just the way to start a new life together. And notice from the faces and laughter of the guests, they loved it — which is what happens when you do something people aren’t expecting. Watch it and enjoy and consider… would you maybe want to step back from the pomp and circumstance of it all, embrace the moment and see what it feels like to do something out of the ordinary? Food for thought… or at least for FUN!

Long Distance Wedding Planning Woes? Not with Xanax!

Sasha & Matt’s relationship started out as a close friendship and three years later, Matt, all decked out in a tuxedo t-shirt, proposed on a random morning when they were both getting ready for work. They quickly started the planning process knowing they were moving to Chicago soon and would have to do much of it long distance, Read more

The Notes that Make it All Worthwhile

A very special email arrived this morning.  It so took Debbie’s day to a new high that she read it to the office staff in their weekly meeting the next morning — it doesn’t hurt to get these wonderful reminders of why we do what we do!

The subject was “It’s our Anniversary.” It read:

I just wanted to THANK YOU all at Gatherings again for such an amazing wedding experience! From the start to the actual day it was stress-free and Read more

Does the Food Really Matter?

With so many items on the list vying for attention when planning an event, from decorations to venue choice, entertainment, invitations, and DJs, just to name a few, in the big scheme of things is how good the food will taste really that important? Read more